How do braces work?

You’ll likely already have a vague understanding of what braces are, how they work, and what they’re used for. However, if you’re thinking of getting braces yourself, then a vague understanding won’t cut it: you’ll want to know a lot more so that you can figure out whether it’s the right option for you. While some people naturally have some fear of braces, the truth, as you’ll learn in this article, is that there’s little to be afraid of. Below, we take a look at how braces work and what you should expect from your treatment. 


The process


Braces are used to straighten a person’s teeth. This is done by attaching braces to the teeth and then slowly straightening them out. The dentist works with the patient to come up with a braces plan that’ll work for them. If you’ve got crooked teeth, then braces can help straighten them out. Braces are commonly required for people that have crowded teeth, which often results in overlapping.


Types of treatment 


There are many different types of braces available. The one that’s right for you will depend on the type and extent of the treatment that you require. The good news is that the many options available means that there’ll be a type of treatment that you’re happy with. For example, if you’re worried about wearing braces that other people can notice, then you could opt for Invisalign braces, which you can wear without anybody noticing (unless they’re really close). At other times, it might be more appropriate to have classic, metal braces. The ones that are right for you or your child will depend on the severity of the case.


How long does it take?


How long you’ll need to wear braces will again depend on the severity of the case. If it’s a pretty mild case of misaligned teeth, then you could have the perfect smile in under a year. If it’s a more complicated case, then it could take 18 months. The length of time will also depend on the type of braces that you choose. For example, Invisalign braces can sometimes take longer than metal braces. Deciding which ones are right for you could depend on your own preference (such as whether you prefer to wear more subtle braces for longer, compared with more visible braces for a shorter period).


Long-term results


The good news is that once the treatment is complete, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits for many years to come. You’ll be given a retainer that you’ll wear each night, which will help to keep your teeth in position. You just have to wear braces once, and then you can enjoy the results forever. 


If you’re looking for braces in Lynwood CA, then be sure to get in touch with Omid Dental. We have a lot of experience in serving patients in the South Gate, California area and beyond. Give us a call at (323) 569-5000, and begin your journey towards a winning smile today. You won’t regret it!

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