Common Orthodontic Dental Procedures

Orthodontic dental procedures are those that help to correct the teeth’s alignment. Your teeth tend to develop for the most part during your younger years, but that doesn’t mean your teeth might misalign themselves as you get older. Ageing can affect the teeth as well as the arrival of wisdom teeth which some can get in their adulthood. If you’re looking for an orthodontist in South Gate city, then it’s worth knowing what treatments are available. Here are some of the common orthodontic dental procedures that you might expect to receive.


Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are the most common and traditional type of orthodontic treatment and are still very popular today. They’re suited for all adults, teenagers and children who are looking to align their teeth, no matter how crooked they may be. Fixed braces are usually made of metal and have a series of brackets that are attached directly onto your teeth. These are linked by wires, and they help to pull your teeth into the correct position. As you wear the braces, your orthodontist will likely tighten or loosen these wires over time in order to help with aligning or to ease the braces from doing too much tightening that it does your teeth damage.


Removable Braces

Usually referred to as Invisalign, removable braces are something that can be removed from the teeth freely and aren’t usually made out of metal. It’s a very effective way of straightening your teeth without the abrasive look that most metal braces will display. It can be beneficial for those who are conscious of their smile and might not want to wear wired braces. It’s normally a clear aligner tray on your teeth, and these trays can often be changed every few weeks by your orthodontist in South Gate California, in order to help continue the adjustment of your teeth.



A retainer is like the removable braces in that you can take them out freely when needed. They are usually required for patients who have recently had tooth realignment treatment and need to keep the retainers in to help keep the shape. It stops them from going back to their original place and to ensure your bite is correct. You can also have banded or bonded retainers where they can be glued to the back of your teeth if needed. Otherwise, you can wear a clear retain overnight.


Orthodontic Elastics

In South Gate, Orthodontists can also recommend orthodontic elastics to help in conjunction with your braces. These are a special type of rubber bands that are used to help correct any jaw problems that you might have, as well as fixing tooth alignments. The bands can do more for your braces by bringing your jaw backwards or forwards to improve bite and speed up tooth alignments.


Whether you’re looking at getting fixed braces, invisible ones or just wanting to ask a few questions about your teeth, make sure you check into your local orthodontist. With the advancements made in dentistry, anything is possible to get that perfect smile.

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