Aggressive – These powerful teeth have square and round central and lateral incisors, and the canines are gently curved of semi-straight.

Dominant – If you want to send a message of dominance, choose this smile shape that features square and round central incisors, and lateral incisors with rounded far corners that are chipped a little higher than the central incisors. Canines are sharp and pointed.

Enhanced – Enhance your smile with central and lateral incisors that are slightly rounded, with lateral incisors slightly higher or shorter than the central incisors; think of a gull-wing shape. Canines are blunt and pointed.

Focused – Show off your personal focus with this shape that features square central incisors with no rounded edges on top of an Enhanced smile.

Functional – Enjoy the Enhanced smile with canines that are more pointed.

Hollywood Style – Step out with the swagger of a Hollywood star when you choose this smile that’s similar to the Aggressive style, but with lateral incisors that are slightly offset or shorter than central incisors.

Mature – Also like the Aggressive style, but with canines that are a little more pointed.

Natural – Smile with a natural flair with this style that’s similar to the Enhanced style, with aggressively pointed canines.

Oval – Soften the Aggressive style just a bit with incisors and canines that are slightly rounded or oval

Softened – Start with the Oval style, but choose this smile if you want a less pronounced curvature of the edges of your teeth.

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