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 Regarded as a highly proficient dentist in South Gate, Omid Dental Office always works with patients to ensure the best outcome. There is no point in determining a course of action that the patient isn’t happy with or doesn’t understand, and this is why in-depth discussions will take place regarding precisely what the next step should be and how to move forward with any kind of dental care. Our patients can trust their dentist in South Gate to provide the very best in treatment, diagnosis, and aftercare. 

 In order to do this, Omid Dental Office has a highly qualified and experienced team on hand to answer your questions and allay your fears, as well as carry out the procedures associated with a dentist in South Gate. 


About South Gate

South Gate, CA, is an ideal place to live, work, and enjoy your free time. It’s perfect for raising a family, and it’s just right for setting up a business. No matter what you need, this beautiful spot is sure to provide it, and that includes an excellent dentist in South Gate should you require one. 

 South Gate measures just a little over 7.4 square miles, and in that small but perfectly formed area, you will find a variety of different elements, including commercial, residential, educational, and industrial. With a population of 98,633, South Gate ranks as the 17th largest city in Los Angeles County (and the 73rd largest in California) and offers that ‘small town’ atmosphere that makes all the difference. Comfortable and homely, but with everything a larger city might need, such as a dentist in South Gate, you can easily find all your home comforts here. 

 It’s easy to find South Gate; it’s located along the 710 Freeway and offers unparalleled access to the 105 as well. Although South Gate is just seven miles away from downtown Los Angeles and 13 miles from Los Angeles International Airport, it is quiet and relaxing, offering anyone who moves here the best of both worlds; you can enjoy the frantic pace of the larger cities and come home to the peaceful life of South Gate.  

 Something that makes South Gate, CA, so tranquil and beautiful is its outside spaces. It has a total of nine different parks which measure almost 170 acres in total. Within the largest park – South Gate Park – there are a variety of community programs for the public to enjoy, as well as plenty of recreational opportunities. Parks aren’t the only way residents can enjoy themselves in South Gate; with stores, restaurants, cinemas, markets, and more, you really can have it all in South Gate.