Dentures VS Dental Implants

There are many reasons that you might be looking into getting dentures or implants. If you have missing teeth, it can not only be detrimental to your mental health and how you feel about yourself but can also impact your day-to-day activities such as eating, drinking, and speaking. A good way to avoid losing teeth is with preventive dentistry such as what we offer here. If you do lose teeth then luckily there are a few different procedures out there that are available to restore any teeth that you might be missing. When you start doing your research, the two most common things that you can do are dentures and dental implants. Many of us have heard both terms but might not understand the difference between the two. Here we explain the difference between dentures and dental implants.


What are dentures?


Dentures are essentially false teeth that are custom-made for you. You can either get “complete” or “partial” dentures depending on how many teeth you are missing. Complete dentures are made of two full arches of false teeth for both your lower jaw and your upper one, whereas partial dentures are made from a plate. This plate has one or more replacement teeth on it which clip onto your natural teeth, filling in any gaps that you might have.


What are the benefits of dentures?


– They are cheaper than implants and can often be the most affordable way to replacing lost teeth

– They are a good way to begin your journey into replacing missing teeth to see how you feel when having false teeth

– They allow your body time to heal after surgery or tooth removal before getting implants fitted They are non-invasive and don’t require any surgery

– It can be easy to modify dentures for any tooth loss in the future


What are the negatives of dentures?


  • They don’t look or feel as natural as implants
  • You can’t eat food that is too hard, crunchy, or chewy
  • They can’t be worn overnight
  • They need replacing every few years
  • They can weaken the surrounding teeth


What are dental implants?


Dental implants are false teeth that have an artificial root that is fused to your jawbone during a surgical procedure. These are made to mimic both the look and feel of natural teeth and many people like the fact that they are very natural both to wear and for others that look at them.


What are the benefits of dental implants?


  • They mimic your natural teeth so can be more comfortable
  • They are easy to care for as you use the same routine as you would with your normal teeth
  • You are not restricted with the foods you eat and can have crunchy or chewy food that you might not be able to eat with dentures
  • They are long-lasting when taken care of properly
  • They don’t affect your speech


What are some negatives to dental implants?


  • They can be more expensive
  • They require surgery to fix them and can have a longer healing process


If you are considering getting dental implants or dentures, why not give us a call for more advice? Here at Omid Dental Office, we offer many dental procedures such as the above, as well as fluoride treatment, x-rays, dental cleaning every six months, and more. Get in touch and find out how we can help.

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