Endodontic Procedures in South Gate, CA

When it comes to endodontic treatments, there are a few to choose from when it comes to your teeth. It’s important to discuss your options with your dentist to understand what’s available and what you can achieve. It’s good to get the right treatment for your teeth so that you can go about your day with as few problems as possible, especially when your teeth are involved. Your oral care can affect the rest of your general health, so here are the endodontic procedures that are available.


Types Of Endodontic Procedures Available

The two typical procedures that are involved with this type of treatment will either be through a root canal or apical surgery. The purpose of root canalthese treatments is to save the tooth or teeth that are the problem, and it’s important to try and save a tooth if it’s possible. With a root canal, the pulp and damaged nerves are removed from the tooth in order to get rid of any infection but to also prevent it from occurring. This can help reduce inflammation in the tooth or teeth as well. 


In more serious scenarios, an endodontist in South Gate, California will perform apical surgery might be needed. This is usually because the infection is in the bone, rather than in the tooth itself. It’s important to perform surgery to lift up the gum and take out the infected bone. This helps to prolong the life of the tooth, and that’s the result that your dentist should try to achieve first.


Are Endodontic Treatments Painful?

It’s good to find an endodontist in South Gate who will make you feel comfortable during any type of procedure. Endodontic treatments should actually be a very comfortable procedure if done with anesthesia. There are occasions where poor anesthesia has led to a painful procedure, but on the whole, this type of treatment should be no different from other dental procedures that you can get. These procedures can often be long, and so you might fall asleep. You can also ask your dentist regarding sedatives if you’re someone who is apprehensive about going to the dentist.


If you have any reservations or concerns about a procedure, it’s always good to speak to your dentist about it first. They can help ease any concerns you might have and to help with making sure you are well looked after.


Looking After Your Teeth

We can all look after our teeth a little better in order to avoid endodontic treatments. Although they are a great procedure to have to help save the tooth, you don’t want to put yourself in that position in the first place. Make sure you’re brushing your teeth twice daily, using floss and mouthwash daily to help keep the teeth and mouth clean and disinfected. Be careful of what you eat and address any concerns with your teeth as soon as possible. Try not to avoid the dentist, even if you’re nervous about it. It’s better to go than to avoid it and damage your teeth!

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